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Conscience ingredients

Good products, good drinks, and the hope of drinking good tea are here. Originating from the thinking of having expectations and ideas for tea drinks, we have gathered the best quality tea leaves, local fresh fruits and carefully selected high-quality fresh milk, and used ingredients without food safety concerns! A conscientious drink made with heart. . . .

Using domestic and foreign high-quality tea, you can enjoy the taste of sweet tea! All tea leaves are tested and qualified according to national standards.

Pineapple diced, fruit pulp, freshly cut pineapple is boiled now, no additives, freshness can be seen⋯

Use self-boiled sucrose, no fructose, no burden on health.

Lemon juice, sugarcane juice, passion fruit... and other juices are all 100% fruit juice.

Choose the best taro, cut it by hand, cook it now, and cook it for a long time.

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