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It originated from the idea that we have expectations and thoughts about tea, and we created the brand "HOPECHA", a neo-classical humanistic tea shop.


Nowadays, the market is flooded with various chemical beverages. It is the responsibility of "HOPECHA" to contribute to food safety. We use five-star tea that is superior to the market, local high-quality fruits, high-quality fresh milk, self-boiled cane sugar, hand-made fruit syrup, etc., completely handmade, and never use concentrated fruit juice, chemical saccharin and fructose! This is our insistence....

It is our original intention to return to the original taste of ingredients, to retrieve the happiness of the past, and to make every cup of tea with a good conscience! No harmful substances to the human body are used. All teas and products of HOPECHA have passed the inspection and meet the national food safety standards.

The Chinese of HOPECHA in English is "hope tea", and the Chinese translation is the same as "drink tea". The hope of drinking high-quality and good tea is in HOPECHA, we will give you peace of mind and good-quality drinks.....


​Excellent performance

In 2018, the Internet “The Storm Media'' was selected as one of the top seven hand-cranked beverage stores in Taipei

In 2018, the Internet was selected as one of the 6 favorite Milk tea shops in Taiwan

One of the best sellers of specialty fruit teas on TV "Next Tv News" in 2019

In 2019, the Japanese misterdonut doughnut company found 35 well-known Taiwanese hand-cranked beverage shops for comparison. HOPECHA was selected as the first place for the most natural and high-quality hand-cranked beverage shops and became a partner in 2020.

In 2020, the 50th anniversary of the Japanese misterdonut doughnut company and HOPECHA jointly launched Taiwan fruit tea produced by us and sold in more than 900 branches throughout Japan.


​In 2020, the Chinese Channel of Star TV will introduce a collection of HOPECHA fruit tea "Grapefruit Green Tea".

In 2020, HOPECHA invited by the Taipei City Government to participate in the Taipei International Summer Travel Exhibition, the Taipei Pavilion will launch the Taipei City Co-branded Drink.

In 2021, Japanese misterdonut donuts and HOPECHA have once again jointly launched Taiwan fruit tea produced by us, which is sold in more than 900 branches throughout Japan.

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